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Yemen Chameleon CB

Yemen Chameleon CB

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Chamaeleo calyptratus


please note pre order we have 2 on reserve ready. If anyone want one reserve now available from 18/02/2024



Due to
variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image
provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen.





Please phone
the store when placing an order of an animal. If collecting from the store
dates and times need to be set, and if you require a delivery service we have
several methods. We can provide a delivery as far down to Manchester along a
set route, placing pick up points, or delivery can be done by registered
reptile couriers.






Origins: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates



Max Size: Males 50cm, 20inches. Females 35cm,



Care Level: Intermediate/ Expert

Activity: Diurnal




Lifespan: 4-8, Males live longer



Temperature Basking: 35?C, 95?F



Temperature Range: 20-35?C, 68-95?F



Humidity Range: Day, 30-50% Night, 75-100%



Diet: Omnivores, mainly eating insects but providing
veg is always a good idea.



UVB: T8 10%, T5 12%



Biome: Mountain Forests and Jungles



Style: Arboreal






Notoriously cranky, Chameleons are a more look but don?t
touch pet. Some are quite happy to be handled as long as it is on their own
terms. Chameleons are unusual as they can change colour depending on mood, this
is great indicator of stress with darker colours. With a projectile like tongue,
independently moving eyes these are a wonderfully weird pet.



As with many animals the more unusual they are the more
difficult they can be to care for. Chameleons require strict maintenance of humidity
and drinking opportunities. They will not drink unless the water is moving,
making misting and drippers very important. Not only that they are more prone
to MBD which can be fatal, a good UVB tube and a supplement regime as well as
gutloading bugs is the best way to eliminate the possibility.



Chameleons do particularly well in bioactive vivaria, a
happy chameleon is when you look into his enclosure and think it is empty!